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11. Air innovations Humidifier

One of the top humidifier brands on the market today is Air Innovations. Sold through major retail outlets, QVC Channel, and online, you’ll also find a number of air purifiers and fans are available for sale through this manufacturer. Every purchase of an Air Innovations humidifier comes with a full one year warranty. You can even contact their support line directly at 1 (844) 600-1370 if you have a question only they can answer.

In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at this brand and if it could be the best purchase for you today.

The Best Chart for Air Innovations Humidifiers

What model will work the best in your home? We take a look at each option that is available through the Air Innovations brand so you can find the humidifier with the right size and features for your unique needs. Which one will you select today?

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Air Innovations MH-408-BLK Smart Mist 3.9
Air Innovations Smart Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier [Used] 4.8
Air Innovations Clean Mist Digital Humidifier [Black] 4.2
Air Innovations Clean Mist Digital Humidifier [Purple] 4.2
Air Innovations Ultrasonic Digital Humidifier 4.7
Air Innovations Ultrasonic Humidifier w/ Nightlight 3.0
Air Innovations Clean Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier [Refurb] 3.1
PictureNameOur RatingPrice

About Air Innovations As a Brand 

Air Innovations is able to provide these benefits as a brand thanks to the innovative efforts supplied by their home company For Life Products Inc. Based in Florida, Joe McDonnell is the President and CEO of this group of brands that has seen a lot of success as of late. He’s worked with the FBI, the US Secret Service, and holds several US Patents. If that wasn’t enough, he is also an attorney who was admitted to the New York State Bar Association in 1990.

You can find out more about Joe by connecting with him on LinkedIn. You can also find more about the Air Innovations brand which he helped to get started by visiting their official website:

The Benefits That Come When Choosing Air Innovations 

Air Innovations has worked to produce a wide range of humidifier options for your home. With a wide variety of styles designed for rooms big or small, you can feel good about placing your new humidifier next to a fireplace, next to your bed, or even in your nursery so your little ones can sleep well tonight. They can work in virtually any room in your home to provide you with the humidification benefits that you want.

Many of the Air Innovations humidifiers that you’ll find on the market today offer users an anti-microbial tank and base to limit bacterial and mold/mildew growth. The included humidistat on many models is digitally based and offers 5+ settings with an on/off timer for your convenience. You get the ceramic filter that is one of the trademarks of this brand and many of them can be adjusted with the help of a remote control.

Common Issues with Air Innovations Humidifiers 

If you look through the complaints that have been posted about Air Innovations over the past few years, you’ll find that noise issues tend to be the primary concern users have with this line of humidifiers. They will beep once they run out of water, which means you’ve got an alarm clock that will go off in the middle of the night if you forget to top off your tank.

Some users also complain of a “grinding” sound that comes from the humidifier, even when it is not running. This tends to happen within 1 month of first starting the unit and it may cause the humidifier to stop operating. In this instance, take advantage of the guaranteed 1 year warranty offered by Air Innovations if the issue is a product or craftsmanship defect.

Why Choose an Air Innovations Humidifier? 

Air Innovations has developed a reputation of the most efficient and intelligent humidifiers with the most features on the market today. You’ll find that many of their humidifiers are designed as ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers, which makes them one of the quietest you’ll find in the industry today. Many also have a ceramic filter that is permanently installed so you don’t have to worry about contaminants being in the air that you and your family breathe.

What is unique about the Air Innovations brand, however, is the fact that they are one of the longest continuously running humidifiers that you’ll find right now. Even though the size of many humidifiers by this brand are suitable for a large bedroom at best, you’ll receive effective humidification for up to 120 hours on just one tank. This way you can always feel better as you enjoy time together with your family and friends inside your home.

Another unique aspect of the Air Innovations brand is that some models come equipped with dual nozzle release valves so that you can release moisture in two different directions from your humidifier. Combined with an accurate humidistat and other advanced features, you can customize your humidification experience with uncanny precision to your specific needs.

What Are the Prices of Air Innovations Humidifiers Today? 

You’ll find pricing options for Air Innovations products tend to vary based on where you decide to purchase them. If you’re shopping on QVC, you might find a price point around $80. Smaller humidifiers from this brand are available at Home Depot or Bed Bath & Beyond at the $60 price point. If you’re shopping online through a website like Amazon, the pricing often depends on the seller who is offering the product, with prices ranging from$60-$115. Remember to check on return policies, all warranties, and other concerns before finalizing your purchase.

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say? 

Air Innovations MH-408-BLK

We loved the consistent performance that this Air Innovations model was able to provide. With up to 70 hours of running time per tank fill, you really can fill it up and forget it. A permanent ceramic filter helps to give you a better mist for your environment, while the anti-microbial tank and base help to keep the bad stuff away. Rotate the mist nozzle to your preferred location, adjust the output with the convenient control knob, and you’ll have a wonderful humidification experience.

Click here to compare the price on Amazon and find the best deal.

Air Innovations MH-408-PLAT

This is a different color option from the same model design listed in the review above. All of the benefits you receive are the same and our experience with this model was very similar. We did end up having a little bit longer of a mist on a single tank fill (71 hours vs. 68 hours) with this model, but otherwise the units are very comparable. It looks nice, won’t make the surrounding areas around the humidifier feel damp, and you’ll be breathing easier with this humidifier consistently running. That’s why it receives our recommendation today.

Click here to compare the price on Amazon and find the best deal.

Air Innovations MH-701B

This is a slightly larger Air Innovations model that works well for bedrooms of any size or even your living room if you prefer. The tank is 1.7 gallons in size, which is .6 gallons larger than the 408 models. This gives you up to 96 hours of run time on the lowest settings. You’ll also receive a digital humidistat which contains 5 settings and an on/off timer for added convenience. Users are also able to take advantage of a remote control to make changes to the settings of this humidifier if they prefer. The price difference is minimal compared to the 408 models, so an upgrade may make sense.

Click here to compare the price on Amazon and find the best deal.

Air Innovations MH-505

This is the medium-sized humidifier that many homes are going to want. You receive 4 mist settings for some customization, while the 1.37 gallon tank can provide you up to 60 hours of run time on the lowest setting. The fully digital timer can be programmed to meet your needs. The mist nozzle also rotates so you can have some directional flow over the output. This is the perfect addition to any room where someone in the family may be struggling to sleep through the night, especially if allergies or congestion are common issues.

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Air Innovations Ultrasonic

This design by Air Innovations follows more of the “classic” design options that you’ll find with many of today’s humidifiers. Instead of a vertical tower formation, it gives you the classic side-by-side look. A nightlight is included with this humidifier as well. At full settings, it runs for about 8 hours although it is marketed for 16 hours of running time. There were some moisture accumulation issues as well. It is one of the brand’s older models, but it still does a reasonably good job of making sure you have the right humidity levels.

Click here to compare the price on Amazon and find the best deal.

Air Innovations humidifiers focus on innovation so you can focus on what you do best. Live comfortably, enjoy life, and avoid the health issues which come from unstable humidity levels with models like these helping you out.

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