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13. Filterless Humidifier

Humidifiers can provide a needed boost to indoor humidity levels. Over time, however, that humidifier can become a toxic mess. Molds, mildew, bacteria, and other contaminants end up being pumped into the air if the humidifier doesn’t receive the care it needs. Replacing filters can be a mess and even become costly over time, which is why the best filterless humidifier could be the right option for your home today.

The Best Chart for Filterless Humidifiers 

A filterless humidifier still makes sure you receive a safe mist for humidification. Because there are a variety of methods available within this category thanks to modern technology, we’ve put together a chart of the most reliable products based on public reviews for you to compare and contrast.

PictureNameOur RatingPrice
Rosewill Filterless Ultrasonic Humidifier 4.2
Seneo 2.6L Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier 4.3
Honeywell Filter Free Warm Moisture Humidifier 3.8
Vicks Filter Free Cool Mist Humidifier 3.6
Holmes Ultrasonic Filter-Free Humidifier 3.8
Optimus Filter-Free Ultrasonic Humidifier 3.9
Rosewill 360 Degree Filterless Ultrasonic Humidifier 4.3
Honeywell Cool Mist Humidifier 3.7
Zen Filter Free Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier 4.2
Tao Tronics TT-AH002 30W Ultrasonic Humidifier 4.1
PictureNameOur RatingPrice

6 Advantages That Come When You Choose a Filterless Humidifier 

Filterless humidifiers are becoming the industry standard today. They are being widely embraced because of these 6 advantages, which come into your home when you own one.

  1. You have less maintenance. Because there isn’t a filter which needs to be replaced on a regular basis, all you’ve got to do is clean the humidifier from time to time to limit mold, mildew, and bacterial growth. 
  1. You have peace and quiet. Filterless humidifiers are one of the quietest options that are on the market today. Many emit less noise pollution than your average box fan on its lowest setting. 
  1. You have protections. Many models today come equipped with some form of protections against bacterial growth or migration. This way you can rest assured that you’re breathing in moisturized air instead of moisturized bacteria. 
  1. It reduces health issues. If you have allergy issues, then you’ll love what a filterless humidifier can do for your health. The moisture reduces pollen levels and other allergen triggers, like pet dander, so you can take a break from sneezing. 
  1. You’ve got options. Many humidifiers in this category offer variable settings so you can have as much or as little mist as possible so your environment can be at the right comfort level. 
  1. You prevent damage. Your skin has a reduced risk of drying out. You might experience fewer bloody noses. Your home may even experience less damage since water isn’t being absorbed from your wood furniture, floors, and joists. 

What Are the Prices of Filterless Humidifiers Today? 

Filterless humidifiers are competitively priced with other types of humidification that are available today. You’ll find entry-level options priced around $30. You’ll also find premium options priced at $100 or above, depending on what your specific needs may be. Warm mist filterless humidifiers tend to be priced higher than cool mist options, but hybrid humidifiers that provide both types of mists tend to be priced right down the middle between the two. 

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say? 


This filterless humidifier gives you all the options you want. First there’s the 5 liter tank, which gives you all day humidification support. The mist nozzle rotates a full 360 degrees so you can have directional humidification help when needed. Then there’s the variable mist controls which allow you to control this model’s output. It shuts off when it runs out of water and you can make it glow at night so you don’t trip over it. Cleaning it is easy and you don’t have to do it often. Need we say any more?

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This ultrasonic cool mist humidifier is super quiet. The noise it produces barely registers above a whisper. That makes it the perfect addition to a bedroom for some of the lightest sleepers you may know. You have 7 LED color options for lighting at night if you wish. We would prefer a longer running time, since this model only operates at 6 hours max on a 2.6 liter tank, but that’s the only complaint we have. In most instances, it will get the job done.

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This is an all-day filterless solution for homes that have larger rooms that need humidification. It also has an automatic shut-off for when it runs out of water. A warning light comes on to let you know that you need to refill the tank as well. Users have two mist output options (low and high). That’s the extent of the features, but the warm mist you receive can help to relieve a number of bothersome physical symptoms in no time at all. At this price, you’ll want to give this humidifier some consideration.

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This humidifier is also designed to run continuously for 24 hours on a single tank fill. It offers a filter-free operation that is quite easy to maintain. You’ll receive a 2 gallon per day output from the 1.5 gallon tank capacity. An empty tank indicator and a rotating nozzle help to round out the features of this model, which is designed to work with small-to-medium rooms. We like the added level of mist control you’re able to receive with the control knob, which is perfect for those who want an added level of customization for their homes.

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We love the small footprint of this cool mist filterless humidifier. Even though the tank only offers 0.5 gallons of capacity, you still receive up to 10 hours of operating time per fill. It’s also very easy to clean this humidifier thanks to the design of the tank. A scent pad heater allows you to use VapoPads from Vicks to provide some soothing aromatics when needed and automatic shut-off is included. It works best in smaller rooms for humidity support due to its size.

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The best filterless humidifiers will help you have a low maintenance model that will provide you with the humidification benefits you need. If you’re ready to sleep better at night and fight off the viruses that try to make you sick, then we highly recommend any of these humidifiers in this category to help you out.

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