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23. Humidistat

What is a humidistat? It is a device that will automatically regulate the humidity of the air that happens to be in your home. It can give you specific humidity levels about a specific room or an entire building – the choice is yours. Sometimes referred to as a humidity monitor, this device helps your home be more comfortable all year long, especially when it is tied into a humidifier, the best dehumidifier, or both.

Some humidifiers and dehumidifiers come with a built-in humidistat, but many do not. If the units you own fall into the latter category, then this guide will help you discover the hidden benefits of stable indoor humidity.

The Best Chart for Humidistats and Humidity Monitors

Sometimes the best way to control humidity levels is to manually alter your humidifier or dehumidifier based on information given to you by a humidity monitors. At other times, your best option is to wire a humidistat right into your HVAC system. The chart below takes a look at the top-rated items in this category so you can start the shopping process right now.

PictureNameOur RatingRH RangePrice
AcuRite Indoor Humidity Monitor 4.3
Aprilaire 4655 Manual Humidistat 4.6
Honeywell H8908B Whole House Humidistat 4.0
AcuRite 00325 Home Comfort Monitor 4.2
Dayton 1UHG3 Humidifier Control 4.2
Image Digital Air Humidity Controller Sensor 4.5
Aprilaire 60 Humidifier Humidistat w/ Blower Activation 4.6
Kaz Vicks Health Check Humidity Monitor 4.3
Aprilaire 56 Humidistat Controller 4.6
Ambient Weather WS-10 Wireless Indoor/Outdoor 4.2
PictureNameOur RatingRH RangePrice

Do I Even Need To Have a Humidistat or Humidity Monitor?

The modern humidistat is designed to provide you with a low-voltage control mechanism for humidifiers. Typically we’re talking about whole home humidifiers that have been installed directly into your HVAC system. The humidistat will then allow you to adjust the actual percentage of humidity the indoor environment of your home contains. These can be mounted onto a duct or virtually any wall surface.

Humidity monitors are a little different, but operate on the same principle with one exception: they aren’t usually tied into your home’s heating and cooling systems. It’s a stand-alone monitor, much like an outdoor temperature gauge would be, and it records what the humidity levels in a specific room are. Based on this information, you can then manually adjust your humidifier or dehumidifier settings to achieve the most comfortable indoor environment possible.

Unfortunately many homeowners feel like they are adequately controlling humidity levels when the opposite is true. If you wake up with dry, chapped lips, then humidity levels are too low. If you wake up to discover that the skylight above your bed has been dripping moisture on you, then humidity levels are too high. Determining an exact percentage under 30% or over 50%, however, can be very difficult to do without this technology.

How to Find the Best Humidistat

The quality of a humidistat’s sensors and connections is what you will want to focus on with the reviews in this category. The best humidistats should have 12 inches of thin moisture-sensitive ribbon that is wound into the unit to provide you with a precise level of control. These ribbons should be resistant to ambient temperature changes and have on/off settings that function on your command.

The best humidity monitor reviews tend to focus on accuracy. This means you’ll want to focus on the hygrometer contained within the unit, with specificity given to the error rate. It is not uncommon for humidity monitors to be off by up to 5% in either direction depending on where the monitor is placed and how it is handled.

The best humidity monitors may also have additional features included with the product to help maximize the readings they are able to take.

  • Recording of daily lows and highs. This measurement will allow you to see how humidity levels evolve in your home throughout the day so you can adjust accordingly.
  • Inclusion of different readings. Some monitors may include a thermometer that records indoor air temperatures. Some units may also offer sensors that can be placed outside so you can receive accurate outdoor readings in addition to your indoor readings.
  • Sizing differences. Some humidity monitors are very small and compact. Others may require you to mount them on a wall. 

There is enough variety within this category that you’ll be able to find something that will meet or exceed your expectations. Go through each humidistat review or humidity monitor review, pick out the key features of each preferred product, and then compare to your needs. This is the best way to discover the controls you’ll want to have to regulate humidity levels in your home on a consistent basis. 

What Is the Price of the Best Humidistat & Humidity Monitor? 

A humidistat is remarkably affordable considering what it is able to do for your home. There are several models which tie into your HVAC system that are priced below $50. You’ll just need to have a humidifier or dehumidifier that is tied into your heating and cooling system as well for these to operate efficiently.

The same is true for humidity monitors. There are several good options that are priced below $30 in this category. In return, you’ll receive a humidity measurement reading that is accurate to within 1-5% depending on the model selected.

There are also premium products in this category to consider, with price ranges going up to $100 or more in some instances. These may be brand-specific in nature, help to control humidity levels in homes greater than 2,000 square feet, or be feature-rich to meet very specific niche needs you may have. Consult with the product reviews to determine the benefits of making this level of investment today.

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say?


This is the basic indoor humidity monitor that you’ll want to have if you need basic information about your home. It offers a specific humidity percentage reading and a 24 hour high/low indicator so you can see how your home evolves throughout the day. Indoor temperature readings are also included with this monitor. It’s completely wireless, offers a magnet mountable design, and gives you the information you need to effectively run your humidifier or dehumidifier. We loved it and think you will too.

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This is the manual humidistat you’ll want to have for your home when you have a furnace or HVAC humidifier installed. A traditional control knob lets you change humidity levels from 15% to 45+% based on your needs. The installation is similar to that of a thermostat, so you may need permits or contractor assistance in certain homes. This way you have even water distribution, maximum evaporation, and a comfortable indoor environment every day.

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This is another humidistat that you can wire directly into your HVAC system. Make sure it works with your current Honeywell humidifier before purchase. It gives you a 20-80% humidity range with a helpful chart on the humidistat itself to let you know where you need to set humidity levels. The control dial is traditional, but you’ve got more options, from10-60% humidity, when compared with similar models. If it works with your system, then we highly recommend this humidistat today.

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This is the humidistat you’ll want to use if you have a portable humidifier that you’re running in your home. Plug it into a standard outlet and then you can plug your equipment into the humidistat. It will power anything based on the ambient humidity in your home, so it supplies power to your equipment only when you need it to operate. If you want to operate a dehumidifier, you’ll need a similar product that is designed in reverse so you can stay in control.

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This digital humidity control sensor gives you the ultimate control over your indoor environment. Its sensory range is from 1-99%, so you can set a specific humidity percentage and stick with it confidently for your home. A temperature sensor is also included with this product. Use it to regulate relative humidity levels in your home with the probes, which have a lead of about 4 feet in length. It also works with dehumidifiers as well as humidifiers, so you can always be in control no matter what your needs may be.

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The best humidistats and humidity monitors give you information, flexibility, and control. Stop letting your indoor environment be in charge of your comfort. Use these products today so that every day can be as comfortable as possible.

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