What Is the Best Water for Humidifiers?

28. Best water for Humidifiers

Humidifiers do a great job of putting moisture back into the air we are breathing. This helps us fight numerous health issues and can even protect the quality of our home’s structure. Yet we often don’t think about the actual water we put into a humidifier. We just fill the tank from our tap water, turn on the machine, and breathe deeply. Is this really our best option?

It may not be. Filtered water will always be the best possible solution for your humidifier. If you have installed filters in your home to improve the quality of your tap water, then you don’t need to worry about what the best water for humidifiers happens to be. You’ve already got it.

If your tap water isn’t filtered, then you might be shortening the life of your humidifier by using tap water. You’ll want to think about using these other water options instead.

  1. Distilled water. You can find bottles of distilled water at many stores today for an affordable price – about $1 per gallon or less. You might be able to find a local supplier who can give you a discount on this price. Just pour the water directly into the humidifier tank and you’ll be able to have a better quality of indoor humidity. 
  1. Demineralized water. You can purchase this kind of water from most stores as well. You can also create demineralized water at home if you have hard water and a stove through the boiling process. Check out the video below. 


  1. Dehumidifier water. If you’re running a dehumidifier during the summer months and a humidifier during the winter months, then consider saving the water your dehumidifier collects. This water has already been distilled. You can then just use the water you pulled out of the air to it back into the air later on. You’ll want to make sure you filter this water before using it in a humidifier to make sure it has a satisfactory purity level. 
  1. Descaled water. If mineralization is your main problem, then you can use your tap water without much fear of harm as long as you regularly clean out the scale in your unit. You can do this by periodically filling up your humidifier with vinegar and allowing the equipment to take a night off. Just remember to rinse out your equipment before using it so you don’t have a lingering vinegar smell in your home for a week or two. 
  1. Miscellaneous bottled water. You’ll find numerous types of bottled water are available today. It might be called “spring water” or “purified water” or even “nursery water.” Any of these are suitable for running through a humidifier. 

Tap water might be the right solution for your humidifier, especially if you have a reverse osmosis filter setup in your home. If not, then consider these additional options so that you can get the most out of your humidifier purchase today.

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