Using a Humidifier for Dry Skin

26. Humidifier for Dry skin

Some say that owning a humidifier could mean the difference between you getting the flu this year or having a full season of good health. Although that extreme may not be entirely accurate, using a humidifier for dry skin is very common today. Humidity levels that are above 40%, but below 60%, can help to keep your skin healthy – and as a bonus, it may reduce the likelihood of virus transmission in some situations.

Why Does a Humidifier Help Dry Skin?

Humidifiers help to promote skin health because it is able to replace the moisture that your body loses in a low moisture environment. This is particularly true in colder climates where water vapor is unable to be in the air. All you need to do is expose your skin to the higher humidity levels. With access to that moisture, you’ll see less skin flaking happen on a daily basis. Feelings of dryness, including rough patches and itchiness, may reduce. Dullness and signs of accelerated aging have even been said to slowly begin disappearing.

How Do I Get These Results? 

For most humidifiers, all you need to do to start seeing improvements to your dry skin is to fill the tank of your preferred model. Then just turn the humidifier on and it will do its job. You can even use tap water if you wish to get the health benefits a humidifier can provide.

Tap water, however, does tend to contain some chemicals and minerals that can begin to build up over time within your humidifier. Using distilled water can help to reduce this issue. Either way, you’ll want to make sure that you clean your humidifier at least once per week to make sure that you aren’t harming other aspects of your health to improve your dry skin.

Always follow your manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning your humidifier. You might also find these 3 ways to clean out a humidifier to be useful.

How Else Does a Humidifier Help My Dry Skin? 

Moisture levels are an important part of the equation for healthy skin. So is the amount of sleep that you get every night. If you snore at night, then the quality of your sleep will be affected. Dry air also makes us physically uncomfortable, which can cause tossing and turning throughout the night. Low indoor moisture levels also make the air feel colder, which promotes faster sleep, but shorter sleep, and the end result is a negative cycle of waking and sleeping that affects the health of the skin.

If your partner snores, a humidifier can be like a gentle set of earplugs that you can wear thanks to the white noise it produces. The added moisture may also reduce or eliminate their snoring; helping you get the rest you need for healthy skin.

Using a humidifier for dry skin can dramatically help the health of the body’s largest organ. In return, you may find fewer infections headed your way over the course of the next year. Are you ready to find the best humidifier for your health today?

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