What Is a Humidifier Used For?

Woman with humidifier

Humidifiers are extremely versatile tools that we can all use to modify our living environment. In basic terms, we use humidifiers to increase moisture levels in the air that surrounds us. This prevents dryness from affecting our health, so the ears, nose, and throat don’t feel scratchy and uncomfortable. Yet if a humidifier is overused, it can cause similar health issues because there is too much moisture in the home.

Here are some common uses for humidifiers and why they are able to help. Do you use humidifiers for any of these purposes already?

  1. Cold and sinusitis relief. Having higher moisture levels can help children experience some symptom relief from health issues like croup. Lower moisture levels can also help with this issue. It works because the humidifier helps to manipulate moisture levels in such a way that a person’s sinuses are able to drain and function properly. Airways are opened along the throat. If you have frequent congestion, consider one of the best humidifiers on the market today. 
  1. You can potentially heal faster. Because humidifiers add moisture to the environment, they’re also adding moisture to your nasal and throat passages. When you’re not feeling great, this can actually speed up the healing process because it helps your body be able to process and eliminate the germs that are making you sick. For allergy sufferers or asthmatic symptoms, the severity of an attack can sometimes even be reduced thanks to the presence of a humidifier. 
  1. Reducing or eliminating nosebleeds. Hold up a finger. It’s okay. Do it right now. That finger is said to be the #1 cause of nosebleeds in children. In adults, however, an indoor environment that is too dry can be the primary cause of nosebleeds that are experienced. If you are getting nosebleeds on a rather frequent basis, then consider adding a humidifier to your home – especially if you live in a relatively dry climate. It can make all the difference in the world. 
  1. You can resolve some sleeping problems. One of the biggest reasons why people snore at night is because their throat gets dry. This causes a restriction in the airway and can even lead to premature waking of you or your sleeping partner. Adding the best warm mist humidifier to your room at night can help to relieve that dryness and the white noise produced by the equipment can help you rest a little better on a consistent basis. 
  1. It can improve your skin quality. Dry climates will cause your body to leak moisture like you wouldn’t believe. The end result is dry skin that can get rough like sandpaper, begin to crack, and make you feel itchy. You could apply lotions to relieve some of these symptoms, but why not look for a cure instead? Humidifiers are known to soothe dry skin, improve moisture retention, and eventually encourage your skin to heal so it can perform at its very best every day. 

What is a humidifier used for? That depends on what is going on in your home and your life right now. Take a moment, see what you’ve got going on in your life right now, and maybe a humidifier could help you resolve some of those issues you may have.

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